Holiday villa Netherlands

Boutique Parc Soof is everything you need when booking a holiday villa Netherlands. This is the perfect location in the Netherlands if you would like to visit the big cities, but also enjoy the beauty of the Dutch flora and fauna.

Beautiful ECO-lodges

The holiday villas are perfect for nature loving humans. All the villas are eco, which means there is a charging station for electrical cars, induction cooking and the villas are energy efficient and gas free. You can choose to book a villa with a private hottub. This hottub is also energy efficient and outside on your own patio! You can choose to book the villa by the water or with your own charging station during the second step in the booking process. It is also important to state that there is free Wi-Fi available everywhere at the park.

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Soof boutique has sustainable heated swimming pool. The swimming pool is opened from 10:00 AM until 09:00 PM. We have a fun playground for the children, where they can climb and play all day.

We also rent electrical scooters so you can explore the beautiful nature surrounding the holiday park, without bothering the wildlife with loud engine sounds. You can also rent bikes at our park. We have multiple offers for different bikes. We have bikes for children, unisex bikes, mountain bikes and childseats for the small kids.

Lastly, we have a great brasserie “Soof” for a delicious cup of coffee, tea, or a tasty lunch. We offer A lot of different drinks witch you can enjoy with friends and family. For dinner we recommend our nearby holiday park “de Thijmse berg”. They have a great restaurant and a snack bar.

Discover the area around your holiday villa Netherlands

We recommend seeing the National military museum. This is the perfect place to see the Dutch military though the years and learn in an interactive way.  They also show the impact of World War two on the children in class. You can relive the story of five kids in a classroom in 1945.

Another interesting place to visit is “De Grebbenberg” this is very close to your holiday villa Netherlands. This is one of the places where the second World War was fought in the Netherlands. Everywhere you bike you can see small reminders of the War. The trenches are still visible in the Dutch nature, have you seen them?

If you are looking for something a little less heavy, we recommend the beautiful nature the Dutch country has to offer. National Park de hoge Veluwe is very close by. Here you can walk through the heathland, or you can borrow a white bike in the park to sightsee while biking.

You can bike from your beautiful holiday villa Netherlands to surrounding cities to shop. A close bigger city is Veenendaal, this city has lots of boutiques and chain stores. Another pro is the fact that a large part of the shopping city is indoor, so even if it’s raining, you can enjoy shopping.

You can always go to one of the cities with beautiful canals like Amsterdam or Utrecht. We recommend going on a small boat tour to see the city from the water. Another fun experience is going to Scheveningen. You can walk over the boulevard next to the sea or go into the Ferris wheel to see over the sea and the country. You can eat a fresh fish at the beach and enjoy a day at the sea.

We hope you would like to stay at our holiday villa Netherlands and experience the Dutch culture in an ecological way!